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How To Double Your Mobile Phone Battery Life

Top Android smartphones like the Samsung Glaxy S8 and IPhone 8 are powerful, but unfortunately, they don’t have endless battery life. In fact, many Android phone users would be happy to make it through a single day, hoping that a nightly recharge is sufficient.

These days there’s a huge choice of portable USB power banks, which you can use to charge your phone on the go. Plus, if you have a popular handset, you may find there are specific cases which incorporate batteries to give you extra power at the expense of only a little more bulk and weight.So here are some ways to increase your battery life,

1.Decrease Screen Brightness

You love your smartphone’s large, colourful display, but it’s the battery’s mortal enemy,This mode uses less power than constantly running your screen at full brightness would, of course, but you’ll get even better results by turning your screen’s brightness down to the lowest setting that you can tolerate and leaving it there.

2.See Apps Sucking Battery

Navigate to Settings > Battery to see an organized breakdown of what’s consuming your phone’s battery. Applications and features will display in a descending list of battery hogs.

3.Make Screen Timeout Short

Under your phone’s display settings menu, you should find an option labeled ‘Screen Timeout’ or something similar On an iPhone, look for Auto-Lock in the General settings menu.This setting controls how long your phone’s screen stays lit after receiving input, such as a tap.

4.Log Out Social Networks

log out your social networks  just as a test, and you’ll instantly extend your device’s battery life by a significant amount. 

5.Use Power Saving Mode On

All Android Devices have Ultra Power Saving and Extreme Power Saving modes, respectively, that limits the phone to texting, phone calls, Web browsing, and Facebook. This can squeeze extra hours or even a day of standby time out.

Below are some more tips to save your battery

Shutdown apps running in background
Turn Off Non Essential Notifications
Do Not use vibration mode
Get Your Apps Updated

Finally, as we’ve mentioned, it’s worth rebooting your phone from time to time, rather than leaving it in sleep mode all the time. This can sometimes cure otherwise inexplicable battery draining problems.
Do you have any other battery saving tips for your smartwatch? Share your tips in the comments below.

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