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How To Make Android Phone Battery Last Longer

Now a days Android cell phones are used in 90 percent of our daily routine but we face some difficulties like early battery down issue,now don’t wory we are going to teach you simple solution of this problem using followings you can Make Android Phone Battery Life Last Longer.
1.Check which apps are consuming your battery
First and important step is to check which apps are consuming your battery just go to Settings > Device > Battery or Settings > Power > Battery Use to see a list of all apps which are consuming your battery if you don’t need you can uninstall.
2.Remove unnecessary widgets from home screen
There is another thing which is also consuming your battery unnecessary widgets which are located at home screen delete them from home screen and save your battery.
3.Turn off Notifications
updates about apps are handled on emails of social media but some apps forcefully give notifications on your smart phone directly you can turn off these notifications just go to Settings > Apps, then visiting less necessary apps and unchecking “Show notifications.” and save your battery.
4.Shut down locating/tracking
Many apps use to find your current location and use continuously you battery you can also shut down locating or tracking these apps just go to settings > Location to see which apps are tracking you, then tap each to turn it off.
5.Stop vibrating your Phone
It is not necessary that your phone should vibrate when its ringing because vibrating consume more power of battery you can stop vibrating just go to Settings > Sound and uncheck “Vibrate while ringing.”

Some More useful battery life Saver tips

Keep your phone cool

Charge your phone before it drops too far below half power

Turn on Power Saving Mode

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