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Earn Money While Sleeping With Bitcoin Mining

Do you have a computer? Do you like having extra spending cash? This guide might be able to help you out.
By now, most of you have heard of the unbelievable price of crypto currencies such as Bitcoin (currently just over 3400$ CAD per coin). This price may scare off the majority of investors, however, what if I told you you could get involved, and make money, in Bitcoin with absolutely zero money up front. Mining crypto currencies is basically getting your PC to solve complicated math problems in exchange for money. Now I know not everyone is overly interested in math, but most computers are actually half decent at solving these problems. So if you are interested in how much money your computer could be making you, I have put together this easy to follow guide that will allow even the laziest can benefit from.
Step 1: Locate your computer.
Step 2: Make sure you have a Bitcoin wallet to deposit your earnings into.
Step 3: Visit and download the mining application.
Step 4: Unzip (extract) the ZIP file on your PC .
Step 5: Benchmark your computer.
Step 6: Make your decision.
Step 7: Mine efficiently.

I hope this guide was helpful to anyone looking to try mining for the first time!

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