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Google Maps Simple Tips & Tricks You Never Know

In 2007, Google Maps introduced street view which gave users access to street level views of just about every address in the United States, followed shortly thereafter and somewhat more controversially by the rest of the world.

Google Maps boasts more than 1 billion active users today, making it the most popular navigation software in the world. It gets millions of us where we need to go every day.

Let’s Discus some Tips & Tricks you have to know about Google Maps,

1.Add Multiple Stops to Your Journey
2.Get Directions Quickly
3.Gesture Control
4.Let Other People Drive
5.Share Your Locations
6.Add Home and Work
7.Time Travel with Google Maps
8.See Street View On Mobile
9.Add Stops on your Route
10.Create Your Own Private Google Map
11.Find Things Nearby To You
12.View and Change Your Google Maps History
13.Share Location Details from Your PC
14.God View Through Google Maps
15.Choose the Departure Time
16.Be Your Own Traffic Reporter
17.Zoom One Handed
18.Transit Information & Schedules
19.Know Your Street View Key Commands
20.View Maps Offline
21.Travel Back in Time through Timeline
22.Save Your Favorite Locations
23.Check Time Of Bus & Trains
24.See Where You Have Been
25.Use Voice Command In Navigation
26.Remember Where You Parked

You should get a short tutorial with tips if this is the first time you’ve tried it. It’s easy to set a location and mark your routes, but you can also import layers and data, color different areas and routes, and a lot more.

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